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March 13, 2013

Food and the plague

Oh my gosh, y'all. You don't even know how sick we have been. Like I mean sick, sick. Sister says we caught the "bunga bunga". Viral Bronchitis, Costochondritis, Sinusitis, and other "itises". Lots of coughing fits, sticking our heads over bowls of steaming essential oil water, missed work, and lying around. Lots of lying around.

It's been all but miserable and a blessing at the same time. I had time to rest and time to reflect, time to read and grow spiritually. With suffering comes much opportunity for growth. I grew a lot.

Before the plague invaded our home (and, knock on wood, spared the two youngest members of the family) I spent several days making lists and doing research. More importantly I made lists involving food and did research on how to cook said food for the next several weeks. Then I cleaned out my fridge and pantry and took my typed and printed lists to Trader Joe's and went to work on Mission Pantry Restock. I spent a lot of money. I won't tell you how much, but it was a lot. I even gave myself a panic attack at check-out, but I was $2 under on the budget and we had been saving accordingly for this shopping trip. I brought home 17 full size paper bags of food and unloaded it, put it away and then stepped back and said wowza.
We were officially stocked and I was really excited about my healthy meal plan. But with a kitchen full of food, comes lots of time standing on your feet. I had a meal plan for lunches and dinners and I soon realized that a meal plan requires cooking. All the time. I kind of didn't think about how long it would take to slave away over some of these planned meals, even soups require chopping and layering flavors and baking bread and it takes awhile. But I did it, even when I could hardly stand because the cartilages around my lungs and ribs were screaming in pain. I made the meals and I felt proud of myself and happy that I was doing my family proud.
It's really important to me, maybe one of the most important things, to make sure that what we are putting in our bodies is healthy. I do a lot of research and I investigate the brands that I buy. Food is medicine, and we have to be careful, especially in our culture that values processed junk over healthy, unmodified food to make sure we are making wise choices. It is important for auto-immune disorders in our family and for food allergies and sensitivities. It is a blessing to spend my time preparing food that is well balanced and it's a blessing that I was able to fill up our kitchen with things that will feed our bodies and minds. I rested on gratitude each day of my sickness. Sometimes we are able to make choices that matter and that feels really good.

So without further ado, I bring you pictures of food. Uh, funny enough I was only inspired to snap pictures of food these last few weeks. See, I really do feel proud after preparing a meal, enough to warrant a photo.  Food > Pics of children = Apparently! Bon Appetit!
Chicken Noodle Soup with a dollop of sour cream
Grilled Chicken and Asparagus Pasta with lemon, butter and parm cheese

Potato Soup with Spinach and Turkey Bacon
Chicken and rice soup
Peeling potatoes but look I discovered a quick and easy disposal method for kitchen scraps. This summer we are going to start composting!
Ground turkey shepherd's pie. Yum!

Pork Sausage soup with red beans and kale.
Turkey bacon, fried egg, avocado and spinach sandwich on gluten free bun.
Hard boiling a dozen eggs for quick snacks and breakfasts.
 Gluten Free Blueberry power muffins with almond streusel.

 Okay I take that back. One pic of a kid.

Get in my belly!

And this last minute addition, a pic sent over to my phone from my husband who is at home with the kiddos while I work...

"KacyDillas" were a "Dinner Success"!!!!

There you have it friends. Have a fun-filled and food-filled week. xoxo