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February 03, 2013

Up and down

The things that brought me joy this week...

A beautiful day where the sun came out and I walked to pick up my oldest from the bus stop. Everytime I put those kids on that bus, I give a piece of my heart away. I love greeting my boys after school because I know they are home safe and they are mine again.

That same night I stepped outside the front door and into an amazing sunset.


Helping the little guy rock out his preschool workbook. He is doing awesome with writing and circling.

Cuddling and watching Mickey Mouse with Coley after school, mac 'n cheese lunches, and taking better care of myself.


Smoothie, Sambucus, Vitamin B12, Fish Oil, Probiotic, 2x Curcumin

Friday we went on a snowy drive over to my sister's house. By this point in the week I was beginning to feel sick again, drained and exhausted, but I desperately needed to get the kids and myself out of the house. The sun was out and when the sun is out, I must be dilligent, especially in the winter, to get outside for a little bit.

I love being around the kiddos. Even on the hardest days, their elevated energy and bright spirits are enough to make me smile!

I ended the weekend pretty much in bed because my energy has gone on a far away vacation. I don't know where it went running off to, I'm sure it got sick of winter and high tailed it to Florida, but I really need for it to come back. If you are listening energy, juju, Kacy spark... please come back. I promise I will make good use of you and won't take you forgranted again.

In the mean time, I am trying not to let the up and downs of life get the best of me. I have been able to spend time inward, deep into the space away from the pain where my faith and love hold onto me. In that space I am sometimes reminded that I will not feel this way forever, I will overcome the afflictions that hold me down. I will be victorious someday. But today there is still grace and there is still beauty and there is most definitely love.

This little friend is a box full of love and light.

A Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) light box. I cuddled this thing today and a heating pad. Tomorrow it's time to start yoga and I am going to be intentional about using some of my free time to exercise. This is a new beginning. Sometimes it takes a round of sickness and energy depletion to set your priorities straight.
Okay Februray, bring us all lots of love. Please. :)

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