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February 12, 2013

We love weekends!

Sunday we had warmish weather and my husband and I were going a little stir crazy being inside, so we decided to tell the kids we were going on an adventure but we couldn't tell them where because it was a surprise. We did this for the excitement but more so because if we tell them we are going somewhere and we don't end up going, well I bet you can guess what happens. We just decided to get in the car and drive.
No adventure can begin without a stop to our favorite weekend restaurant where kids eat free, Steak and Shake. Classic photo ops with the paper hats, ketchup faces, and root beer floats. This was also the beginning of something my husband and I found quite funny with my youngest Colten. He drank that entire milkshake pretty much on his own....more to come on that.



Next we took them to a little waterfall that I remembered being much larger and more dangerous than it is now. They have built a deck walkway that takes you to the falls. When I was in high school, we used to have to scale some hills, climb over slippery rocks and walk through the stream to get to the waterfall. Not  exactly sure how we would have managed this with two little boys, so I was glad that we could safely travel to the waterfall seeing as how I had worn my TOMS. (Not the best rock climbing shoes.)

And here is where it gets funny. Small child, downed root beer float equals sugar rush and LOTS of energy. Run Colten Run.

Until things got a little slippery, then it was hold tight to Daddy's hand.

Kid was nuts. Sliding all around on the ice and laughing hysterically. High on morsels of ice cream and soda. We were just waiting for the crash to come...

Photo bombing his big brother.

I had a feeling that one quick stop to the waterfall, which my oldest exclaimed was not even that cool, would not be enough for the small wild child so we hit up the zoo an hour before they closed on the way home.
And I don't know what I was thinking in giving in to their requests for hot chocolate after the little one was already buzzing from his milkshake,  but I was feeling a little wild myself, so heck with it. Sugar up baby!

 "ET phone home!"

 Yep, darting every which way. I couldn't keep up with him.

Right before this he grabbed the Gorilla's nipples and thought it was hysterical.

You can see the scheming right through the bushes.

Taking off for some more running. Still waiting for the crash....

#2 joined in on the action. They ran over to some vending machines and spent five minutes pushing random buttons and laughing insanely.

Needless to say, the crash did not happen. He did not fall asleep in the car or even in the last few hours before bed while we chilled on the couch and watched a movie. He did, however, sleep all night in his bed that night and woke up talking all about root beer floats and hot chocolate the next morning.

We love weekends!

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