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July 18, 2013

Bucket List

I am trying something new today and I am looking forward to seeing how this helps my emotional state. Since I have been feeling so down lately, letting my emotions get the best of me, and because I refuse to sit around wallowing in self pity, I have decided that starting today and every day for the rest of the summer, I am determined to check one thing off of our summer bucket list and document along side my gratitude journal which I have neglected for too long. I hope this will help bring me back to the clarity I seem to have lost about my purpose, not only as a mother but as a human being.
Feeling alone, sad and down right moody is not a fun place to be in during the summer. There are only so many days of sunshine and warm weather, and I have an imagination full of ideas that have been floating restlessly around in my head, weighed down by a body that just couldn't get motivated to get out and make the fun happen. Fun is something you create; it's an attitude aimed at success and not at failure. I know inside I have the ability to find joy in whatever situation I am in, regardless of circumstances. I am strong and capable and have succeeded many times in overcoming this uphill battle. I am tired of believing that I cannot do it again. So I will succeed, I just need to admit that I need help in doing it. The important lesson I am learning in all of this is  that I need to be willing to accept the help in whatever form it comes to me and not have expectations on what it should look like. Friendship, opportunity and happiness come in so many different disguises. If I can open my heart wider than I normally do, then I will be pulled out of my glass house and into the village of houses filled with love. I can't wait to discover these love houses. :)
So without further ado, our summer bucket list:
Make fried chicken and lemonade and pack it up for a picnic.  Checked box symbol

 Take the boys to a movie and let them have popcorn AND candy.  Checked box symbol
Spend an evening watching planes take off at the airport.
Treasure hunt hike at a local metro park.  Checked box symbol

 Meet daddy for lunch and eat at a local food truck.

A visit to the state fair!  Checked box symbol

Make at least one new friend. Schedule a play date.
Spend time with old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. **Today I was able to have a lunch date with one of my best friends from college. She and her beautiful daughter came over and the boys loved spending time with such a sweet little 6-month old!

Catch fireflies with the boys. Checked box symbol
More bowling. Checked box symbol

Take the boys to play mini golf and to the batting cages.
Sunset walk at our special sunset spot.
Catch the sunrise.
Paint art work. **Here is a picture I created the other night. It didn't take very much time and it has inspired me to keep creating!

Go thrifting! Checked box symbol

Join a reading program at the library. (Already done. Caden is rocking out his summer reading!)  Checked box symbol
Get a massage. I'll take a hubby massage, too! Checked box symbol My hubby should really be a massage therapist, he worked out some major kinks in my back this week!!
Have a date night with each of my boys separately.
Have a date night with my hubby!

Visit a spray park. Checked box symbol

Tell myself something great about me every day. Checked box symbol **Getting pretty good at this, and pursuing help when I need the extra affirmation.
Go to more farmer's markets and Friday night family nights.
Try new summer recipes with delicious summer produce.
Take more photographs. Checked box symbol ** I definitely have been snapping away, pretty much every day! Love it!

Ride my bike more! Checked box symbol

Blog at least once per week. I really missed writing and it's therapeutic. Checked box symbol **Blogging is going well!
Have a camp out//movie night on the sectional.
Roast marshmallows on the fire pit. Checked box symbol

BBQ ribs on the new grill.
Go on an adventure. Checked box symbol

** We went to an underground cavern and mined for gems!

 Make up a board game.
Go to "dirt beach". Checked box symbol

 Pick blueberries and make blueberry pie.
Write a story with Caden. (We are working on our story but here is a song we wrote together!)

 Baseball game!  Checked box symbol


Those are just a few of my ideas. What's on your summer bucket list and what have you already accomplished?

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