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July 13, 2013


♥ ♥  Sweet children, the ones who are here to love and be loved, I wish for you these things..

Dreams that carry you through your days and nights.

At least one friend to talk to when things feel weighty on your shoulders.

Roads that travel ever winding, full of promise and wisdom.

Waking up with your heart singing praises.

Music, the kind you get lost in, that fills you up inside.

Someone to tell you that you are beautiful and valuable each and every day, even if it is  you  who says it.

Hope. There is always more beauty and there is always more love. Go find it.



Confidence in yourself, enough to walk with your head held high, because you never forget to remember how loved you are.

Acceptance of yourself as you are, your flaws, your passions and your uniqueness.

The ability to say "No, Thank You."

World adventures and traveling, even if it involves a library book and your imagination.

Hard hugs.

Beautiful sunny days and some gray rainy ones, too, so that you will really know how special the sunny ones are.

I wish for each of you a love that takes your breath away. Someone to hold you when you are at your worst and encourage you to be your best. And when you find that love, make sure to never let it go.

Patience and acceptance. You are a beautiful stone flowing through life's great river; have faith that you are exactly where you need to be.

Gratitude through the valleys  and  up on the mountaintops.

Each other, always.

Mostly I wish for you both to know how much I love you. I will always be your biggest fan, cheering from the sidelines at every Big Game. And someday when you look into your own child's eyes, you will really know just how lucky I feel to have you.  ♥ ♥

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