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January 20, 2013

All alone at the zoo

Last week was very cold and gray, but the sun made a spectacular appearance on Friday, streaming in through the front windows of the house and kissing the tops of the boys heads as they played on their computers. I peaked my head outside and felt that, while still cold, it was not freezing and I yelled to the boys, "Let's go to the zoo!" A quick call to my sister and we had a winter zoo date set.
I was so excited to get outside, take pictures, allow my body to do it's glorious work of making Vitamin D under the sun's rays so I could boost my mood and energy a bit (it worked!!) But the boys were not as thrilled when we got there and set in complaining that they were cold and thirsty.
I will admit that this trip to the zoo was far less for them to see animals than it was for their mama to get out of the house after a week inside, so I quickly corralled them into the coffee shop by the main entrance. Two steaming cups of hot chocolate for all the kiddos and a white mocha for me. Sad faces gone, bodies warm, mittens on; away we went.

There were only a few brave souls to venture out on a 43 degree Midwest day and so we quickly discovered that we had the zoo to ourselves. "Run little ones, run. Keep those bodies warm!"


We hopped from exhibit to exhibit, lingering inside at the elephants, aquarium, reptiles and manatees to warm up before stepping back into the chilly sunshine.
Who knew a winter day at the zoo would make for such great photo opportunities? Not only that, but the animals were very active opposed to laying around like they do in the summer.
Active animals, bundled babes, life capturing mama, sweet sister and nephew/neice plus a large dose of SUNSHINE = happy start to the weekend. There will definitely be more winter outdoor dates in our future!
Happy MLK holiday weekend to you!

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