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January 14, 2013

Weekend fun

We had a really fun and action packed weekend with unseasonably warm weather. Most weekends we are lucky to squeeze in all of the things on our to-do list such as weekend chores, fun family time and a little relaxation, but we managed it all plus the hubs deep-cleaned and organized the garage while I went to work on Saturday morning. I feel refreshed and happy going into this week, but I sure do miss my guys when they head back to work and school!
Family bowling at my nephew's birthday party
The boys really enjoyed bowling and it was fun to watch them run to the edge of the lane, raise the ball as high as they could and hurl it with a gigantic thud about a foot away, followed by the great anticipation of watching the ball roll slooooowly down the lane and knock over two whole pins!


 Wait for it, wait for it...
Another simple pleasure we enjoyed...birthday cake!
Even the mama got in on some cake action
Saturday Night Painting Party
We brought out the paints and old newspapers and went to work painting these little dinosaurs that Caden got for his birthday. The little guys had a great time painting themselves, too!
Painting fingernails is way more fun!
Our dinosaur family
The weekends fly by so fast. I have been trying to enjoy each and every moment of the time we share together because it is so precious. Colten, 4 years old and full of energy and stories. Caden, 6 years old and full of wisdom and confidence. I just love living life with these boys!
May you search and find the precious moments this week to either capture on camera or freeze frame in your memory bank. xoxo 

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